Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Gold changed everything.

In the month of May, Melbourne's weather reminded me of Brittany with its four seasons in a day. Thus, there was very little possibility for me not to look at Melbourne with prejudices. But then, I was in the city for the first time in my life, deeply touched by the beauty of trees in the gardens and parks. In the Royal Botanic Garden, Egypt has been successfully relocated to the southern land by a postcard view of palm trees. The magnificent weeping pine was planted by the Iranian queen in 1974 during her visit. For years, plants from other continents have rooted in Melbourne and managed to adapt themselves to the unpredictable weather. The Japanese banana tree suffered quite a bit though.

All the new worlds have been mapped by man's curiosity and reproduced in miniatures in his immortal gardens. I find it impossible for my mind to rest upon the virgin landscape because gold has changed everything.

It starts with a "M".

The month of May is full of surprise.

The queen has no reason to be depressed.

I thought I knew his name.