Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Datum:KL 2011 Kuala Lumpur Architecture Festival

re: VIEW KL, Constructing Urban Perspectives is a group photo exhibition organized by Datum from 3-18 July @ Map KL, including works from photographers Eiffel Chong, Erna Dyanty, Lim Thian Leong, Minstrel Kuik, Nadia J. Mahfix, Nikt Wong and Shafina Sheridan.

Taman Seputeh, 2011

100x150 cm Hand with a Brick@minstrel kuik
I am not architect. 
I am photographer who lives in the space created by unknown architects. 

Technically, a photographer deals with light and color, frame and viewfinder, composition and structure. Philosophically, a photograph is a building for time and space.

A photographer looks for landmarks for the memory but he or she knows that such effort will be eventually in vain.
Someday, a building will fall.
It is a myth to see how man’s ambition leads to sculpt the Nature, and romantic beholder to create postcard views from the landscape.

If cars stop for the pedestrians and no acid-splashing motorist attacks the innocents, then walking will make sense in this city.

150x100 cm Worker@minstrel kuik

20x30 cm Gated@minstrel kuik
I live in Taman Seputeh at a double-storey terrace house. My room is on the third floor and its balcony has become an open-air studio in which images are constructed with the consideration of the background: the balcony and the view it provides. My living environment has longtime played an important role in my photographic practice because it challenges me to look at the everyday space and to see how new possibilities of thinking could actually escape from the routine of seeing and doing of a photographer.So far, the buildings are there.

I am not architect. A photograph is not a building for time and space.
A photograph is only a temporary tent for visitor like Time.
100x150 cm Guard@minstrel kuik  

20x30 cm Gated 2@minstrel kuik
installation view