Sunday, April 22, 2012

something from Pahang growing in my garden

After a frustrated day, nothing was more comforting than seeing the small lorry parked in front of the Mamak stall when I was walking home from Seputeh KTM station. The vendor who was a sly man always tried hard to convince me to pick some old and unsold durians. Still, I bought my durian, normally only one, and walked up the hill with smile. I was happy. The durians, whether D24 or Musang King, as the vendor told me, were collected from the orchard in Pahang.

One day, I decided to keep three seeds from what I ate and planted them at my balcony in Seputeh. Like most Malaysians, I have been eating durian long before I learned how to speak, but I haven't had any chance to see a durian tree growing from zero. So, here are the photographs of these curious and beautiful plants.