Monday, April 22, 2013

Poem for Monday - Open, O Sesame.

Once a passionate and devoted collector of art
Opened his cave of treasure to Ali Baba
Choose anything you fancy.
Pick one, insists the self-taught connoisseur.
Ali Baba was caught in a sudden dilemma,
for he preferred gold than any art form of make-believe.
He then pointed at a bag of gold coins.
How about this?
It is the best trompe l'oeil in my collection, laughs the collector.
It cost me exactly the same amount of gold coins painted on the canvas.
The collector’s revelation only confirmed Ali Baba one thought:
He has entered the wrong cave.
Or maybe the cave was a flawless facade by a Sunday painter.

Open, O Sesame.
Only the disciples of Magritte knows the trick of the spectacle.