Friday, August 23, 2013

A poem for August - The Kangaroo Correspondence

The  kangaroo correspondence
between you and me should continue
and continue endlessly, until the mail box of our memory
is running out of capacity, then we will move from
Australia to a zoo in Japan, two kangaroos in a summer night
where the sun shines at night, you and me
should talk and talk endlessly, until the winter comes
and goes, and the summer comes again.

I shall sew two more pockets because the only one
I have is full of your letters, which I call
the kangaroo correspondence
They are dreams without ending
drowned in coffee and beer
aroused in typhoon and monsoon.

Later, we take the second lane
on the left of Sokyusha, and separate
at the junction in front of the zoo in Shinjuku
I go back to my cage, turn on my computer
and start writing our kangaroo correspondence.