Monday, April 13, 2009

Schtroumfraphy, 2006-2009

Linguistically, a Schtroumfraphy means everything, then, nothing.

I have started to pick up drawing and painting after the completion of my photographic studies in 2006. My apprenticeship in photography has taught me to get along with the machine. And now, I am more conscious of the habitual thinking and making that one could accumulate during the years. One day, I had this idea to find a hand-held device, other than my own hand, that would serve as the interface between my hand and the thinking. Later, I have come up with the idea to draw with the mouse.

The Schtroumfraphies below are halfly handmade and halfly machinemade. Who is who? It is hard to tell. Nevertheless, a good machinist is someone who knows by heart the circuit between his mind and the button. A good habit discredits immediately a bad one.

Time has come to unlearn rigid lines from the painter's routine. Schtroumf, alors!

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