Monday, April 20, 2009

Choses Légères - The Lightest Things, 2004-2005

Choses Légères - The Lightest Things was my first photographic work shot in colors during my days in Arles. Indeed, it was a painful yet productive experience for a painter to explore the world as a photographer. I was afraid of the real spatial and human confrontation. So I chose to shoot silent objects.

To my surprise, they were as complexe as the human being. I found these objects in my daily life. Nothing more ordinary than they are. I said to myself: if I can do something from these objects, I should be able to photographe everything by preserving the essence of the being.

In my appartment, I set up a simple studio: a black cloth, a table where I did my assemblage, a window to get the natural light. It was a competition with time. During some winter afternoons, I had to be one step ahead of the sun and to maintain a balance among the found-objects with a slice of chance. Within one year, I have produced quite a number of shots, but not all of them were successful. Sometimes, the assemblage seemed to be too mannerist so I abandonned the shot. I have also lost some shots just because the camera that I borrowed from school did not fonction properly.

Spaces-Species or Species-Spaces
, both ideas are important in this sculptural, pictorial and photographic work. Keeping a balance among objects is what has concretised these group shots. One-man show will simply cut off the dialogue.

Group Shots